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ECM-valley is an association that focuses on non-conventional material processing techniques. The methods are all based upon electro chemical processes that have the common property that no direct contact is needed between the tool (electrode) and the product (raw material). Hence no physical force is applied to the material as oppose to conventional machining methods like milling and turning.

Following methods are explained on this website:

  • ECM (Electro-Chemical Machining)
  • EDM (Electric Discharge Machining)
  • EPP (Electro-Plasma Polishing)

Production by ECM and die sinking EDM can be compared to coin minting. In both processes the electrode is similar to a die as it also is a negative image that is imprinted onto the raw material. There are, however, some vital differences between ECM and EDM mainly related to the difference in the principal of material removal.

EPP is a different process altogether, instead of giving the product its shape it only affects a thin layer of surface material giving it a high gloss finish.